Lists & Jello

I’ve never been a list maker. I’ve heard that list makers are more successful. Great job you people! Way to go Bill Clinton and Madonna and Ray Bradbury and Santa! The aforementioned have added to the entertainment world in their own special way. Santa, what can I say? You even check yours twice. Thanks for raising the bar.

So for us ADD folk, a list takes attention. Attention requires payment and often I am in the red. Neuroscientists tell us that the brain must exert effort to be engaged in a purposeful task. Duh. List making for me is like swimming through Jell-O. It’s exhausting. More times than not when my list isn’t checked off I feel like more of a failure because things go unfinished. Also, a long list of tasks can also be daunting and seem unattainable.  Shhhh!! There have been times I’ve added things to my list like; cleaning the bathroom mirror and putting away the bread just so I can cross it off.

It has to be individualized just for me, but finding that has yielded even more frustration. Should I put little squares to check off or little lines? Do I organize it by priority or alphabetically? Do I do sub-lists? Do I use paper or my Smartphone or PC? My paper lists often disappear. I’ve made so many grocery lists and then left them behind or lost them in the parking lot or the coffee isle. By zooming out, maybe that was just my little gift to someone else.

Attending to making a list, will free up my overactive mind so I can finish things and my mind isn’t constantly trying to remember to complete enjoyable things like going to the DMV. According to Daniel Levitin, Neuroscientist and musician, maintaining a sense of Zen when attending to a task helps us remember in detail the joy of the moment. Okay, two birds with one stone just by making a list. I’m going to write it and enjoy it! Let’s try together. Let me know how list making works for you. Let’s be more like Bill and Santa!

I’m currently reading The Organized Mind by Daniel J. Levitin. For my list-making I’m using




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